It is impossible for any company to manage and control what they cannot precisely measure. Floweigh fully understands just how important this seemingly simple fact is to the success of any business in any industry. Whether your process is starting up or in need of starting over, Floweigh has the capacity to provide you with the control solutions you need. We have the experience and products to precisely monitor and control your entire process. For instance, we utilize controllers that can control everything from feed in and feed out conveyors to filling, alarms and data collection automatically with complete wireless capabilities. Whether you’re blending chemicals in the pharmaceutical industry, measuring and combining candy and nuts for packaging or bagging soil for resale, Floweigh has the answers. We further understand the need to not only control and measure your products accurately but to do it reliably, economically and with an eye to the future. Today’s answers aren’t always the best answers. By becoming fully familiar with your operation, we’re able to suggest, install and service the exact meter and controlling instruments to satisfy the need now and in the future.

Often, companies will ask us to get involved and help plan; plant expansions, product improvements, formula changes or many of the other contingencies that can take place in today’s rapidly changing markets. They rely on Floweigh because they know that due to our many years of experience, in so many different industries, there are very few applications we haven’t dealt with in the past. Flow-through calculations for gas or liquids can be measured based on volume, speed or mass and Floweigh has the ability to determine the type of meter and controlling instrumentation that best suits your particular situation.

Listed below are some of the most common meter types we work with:

  • Positive Displacement
  • Differential Pressure
  • Magnetic
  • Velocity
  • Mass
  • Bulk Tank
  • Coriolis Mass (used with natural gas liquids)

Perhaps the most important detail in the equation is the fact that after the initial research has been done and the products have been selected and installed, Floweigh will stands behind and services every item we sell. With our own services technicians and an extensive inventory of replacement parts, you’re assured of trouble-free, continuous operation.  After all is said and done, that could be the most important fact to measure.

Badger Meter PC200 Replaces PC100

The versatile and easy to use Badger Meter PC100 industrial process controller will be replaced by the new PC200 model.

Improvements over the PC100 include:

  • All relevant data available in one glance instead of multiple views
  • Die-cast aluminum front panel