Calibration Testing

Calibration is the act of comparing test equipment with a known standard. A simple calibration might entail zeroing the instrument and adjusting for full-scale deflection. Other instruments might require a dynamic calibration using several aqueous or gaseous standard concentrations.

For industrial purposes, calibration is critical to verify that manufactured parts and products are made to specifications. Calibration testing also checks the competence level of technically valid results.

A proper calibration uses an NIST-traceable standard. This is a standard that is certified and links directly to the master standard maintained by NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. With advancing technologies, calibration services are seeing tremendous changes, undergoing various refinements and updates to facilitate stringent quality adherences.

Determining Calibration Intervals

It remains not a question of whether to calibrate, but when. There are no set patterns or one size fits all. The manufacturer who sells the test equipment generally provides recommended calibration intervals. Critical measurements may require different intervals. Calibration before a major critical measuring project may be a prerequisite or adjunct to the testing program.

Specific recalibration intervals for measuring instruments, devices, or standards generally depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your industry, processing or customer accuracy requirements
  • Contract or regulation requirements
  • Inherent stability of specific instrumentation or devices
  • Environmental factors that may affect stability

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is an important customer consideration for scheduling calibration services. With Floweigh, you’ll get a delivery commitment you can count on. Their technicians will satisfy your expectations, first by quoting a realistic delivery time and then promptly meeting the time quoted. When it is possible to expedite services, expediting is offered at an additional charge. However, expedited services are never allowed to interfere with standard delivery commitments to any other customers.

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Repair Services

Qualified repair and reconditioning of pressure measuring and controlling instruments are available. While spare parts are stocked for many lines, Floweigh has established relationships with many OEMs that assist us in obtaining many additional parts. Because of our history of experience and building great customer and vendor relationships, Floweigh is able to complete your repairs quickly.

Brands We Service

If you require a new scale or flowmeter, our technicians will evaluate your current system and requirements to select and recommend the best solution from a wide selection of quality brand models and parts.

Following is a list of brands installed and serviced (calibration and repair) by Floweigh. Additionally, Floweigh offers repair/overhaul services of products installed by other instrumentation companies.

Brands and Models Serviced (partial list)

  • A&D
  • AccuLab
  • Adam Equipment
  • Badger Meter
  • Cambridge
  • Cardinal / Detecto
  • Doran
  • Durant
  • Endress+Hauser
  • Inscale
  • KEP
  • Liquid Controls
  • Master Meter
  • Mettler-Toledo
  • Neptune
  • Ohaus
  • Rice Lake Weighing
  • Sartorius
  • Transcell
  • UMC

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Who Should Perform Your Calibrations?

Engineering Skills

OEM or Third Party Calibration Providers

Today, many OEMs would like to provide calibration services, but most test equipment manufacturers do not have sufficient space or service capabilities to perform calibration on all the instruments they’ve sold. Other OEM’s don’t want to provide aftermarket calibrations to their instruments due to the stringent quality requirements placed on them. Therefore, contract calibration is seen by many suppliers as something of a necessity.

Calibration service providers should be authorized and trained by the manufacturer and have reference equipment calibrated to a traceable standard. Calibration services need to be instrument-specific. Floweigh’s reference equipment used in the calibration process is required to be even more accurate than the equipment being calibrated.

Cost Savings: Time and Budgets

The cost to have an instrument calibrated by an OEM is usually higher than third party calibration provider. As cost considerations always play a factor in operating budgets, we can help you with recommendations for efficient, quality alternatives when evaluating and selecting your calibration provider.

Floweigh is an authorized calibration facility. Our company, as well as each of our calibration technicians, are state-certified to perform recalibrations. As a quality calibration service provider, we offer full recall system and data sheets for all items calibrated.

We are state-certified